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At Bloom & Grow Kitchen, we see food service as a means to improve the happiness, health, and safety of our communities. We pride ourselves in upholding a strict food safety policy, more in line with that of the European Union. The FDA, in contrast, allows proven harmful chemicals and additives to be used in our US foods. Artificial dyes, growth hormones, high fructose corn syrup, and tons of “unpronounceables” make up what we call our “Naughty List” and are not allowed in our kitchen. Make no mistake, we’re serving indulgences and our guests are encouraged to enjoy themselves with our menu.  However, we believe our community should be able to indulge from time to time and feel good about it. With this practice in place, we can create delicious food free from harmful additives that could deteriorate the minds and bodies of our guests. Thus, contributing to a happier, healthier community. As a result, our communities will be safer for us and our families to grow and flourish. Thank you for allowing us to serve you. It’s truly a pleasure. — Owner Kyle Britton

Six 100% grass-fed organic meatballs, ginger soya (fresh ginger, organic honey, soy), sesame seed, no antibiotics, no hormones.

Rotating flavors, all-natural, hand-battered, Wisconsin cheese, rBST-free milk, preservative-free, ranch dressing. 

Local ale beer cheese, bacon crumbles, chives, avocado crema. 

Imported extra virgin Italian black truffle oil, black truffle sea salt, parmesan, chives, garlic lime aioli.

Long cut, skin-on fry, salt. 

Kettle chips, local ale beer cheese, chives. 

Sea salt.

Ranch, garlic lime aioli, charred salsa, avocado crema, local ale beer cheese. 


Shaved sirloin, grilled jalapeño, grilled onion, grilled bell pepper, charred salsa, local ale beer cheese, kettle chips.

Herb marinated chicken, grilled jalapeño, pickled red onion, avocado crema, local ale beer cheese, kettle chips. 

Grilled bell pepper, grilled onion, grilled jalapeño, diced tomato, avocado crema, charred salsa, local ale beer cheese, kettle chips. 

Organic arugula, parmesan, tomato, pickled red onion, lemon, extra virgin olive oil, kosher salt, cracked pepper.

Organic spring mix, bacon crumbles, goat cheese, tomato, pickled red onion, house-made ranch. 

Herb-marinated chicken, shaved sirloin, or burger patty. 

Shaved sirloin, local ale beer cheese, bacon jam, grilled peppers, grilled onion, grilled challah hoagie.

Slow-cooked corned beef, gruyere cheese, sauerkraut, Russian dressing, grilled rye. 

House-made beef patty (non-gluten-free), 100% natural ground beef, no antibiotics, no hormones, Tillamook cheddar, grilled onions, mixed greens, tomato, garlic aioli, Russian dressing, grilled brioche bun. 

Herb-marinated chicken, smoked bacon, gruyere cheese, green chili, aioli, pickled red onion, arugula, tomato, avocado crema, grilled sourdough.

Herb-marinated chicken, house-made pesto, arugula, tomato, pickled red onion, avocado crema, grilled sourdough. 

Herb-marinated grilled chicken, grilled jalapeño, gruyere cheese, house-made charred salsa, green chili aioli, grilled challah hoagie.

Gruyere cheese, grilled tomato, grilled jalapeño, green chili aioli, arugula, grilled sourdough; add chicken, sirloin, or burger patty. 

Whole grain, 100% all-natural chicken breast, provided by Yummy Dino Buddies. 

Gruyere cheese, grilled sourdough. 

Grilled Chicken

Herb-marinated chicken breast.

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